FeliCa is a contactless IC card technology developed by Sony. As the name stemming from the word “felicity” suggests, the system was born to make daily living easier and more convenient.
The card is difficult to forge/reconstruct, and allows to send/receive data at high speed and with high security. The system is also environment-friendly since the card can be used over-and-over virtually forever by rewriting the data. It also features ultimate user-ease, as would be expected from a contactless card, since there is no longer any need to retrieve and put away the card for every use.
All-in-all, the system is rational throughout, since one card is enough to provide for various purposes.

details about FeliCa

It seems it can’t be international for some reasons. At least many european countries should have similar system. Good idea though.


One Response to Sony global contactless IC card technology

  1. b3 says:

    huh, because of Sony DRM thing, i don’t believe in Sony anymore.

    Although Estonia already uses All-In-One card solution. For many purposes, maybe it’s future we were waiting for 🙂