Vanilla forum?

On 11-14-2005, in Coding, CSS, HTML, by Alex

Lussumo Vanilla: they wrote this is “The Sweetest forum on the web”. Does anybody know what is this? I mean is it really best forum? 🙂


2 Responses to Vanilla forum?

  1. b3 says:

    This is realy sweetest forum, because of heavy load of Ajax, easy interface and some sweet details. It’s more sweet to eyes, than developers mind, although developers find there some good stuff too. Give it a try. I’m not associated with vanilla in no ways, just tried as demo user, that made my believe in sweetnes, but not in that way, that i must start use it. Maybe some day under right circumstances…

  2. Alex says:

    Actually I don’t think I need the forum for now at my site but maybe I can advise it to some of my clients.

    AJAX is not too good for SEO though, this is really important for our company. Also I am sure client will request redesign of their default look so “sweet to eyes” is not an argument too :))

    But I suppose I will give it a try.