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The Pomodoro technique is designed to improve one’s focus by alternating work sessions with short brakes. PomoDoneApp makes use of this concept, while also integrating with various task management services.

Create an account and start connecting services to make them easily accessible

PomoDoneApp is connected to an account-based service, so you cannot access the app’s functionalities without providing your credentials. Note that you can register for an account free of charge, but access to some functions will be restricted.

Worth mentioning is that, if you get the PomoDoneApp via the Mac App Store — Humble Rise, you will receive a three months Supporter Plan. However, after that period, you will have to pay a monthly fee to be able to continue using the service without any restrictions.

Task management solution that encourages activity analysis and team communication

PomoDoneApp offers you the option to add new tasks and store them locally or on the web, but also allows you to connect with other task management services. The procedure can be performed only via a web browser, and the access can be revoked at any time.

The best part is that PomoDoneApp can also integrate with iCalendar or Slack, which means that you can analyze your performance in calendar view, or let the other team members know when you are working.

Navigate between tasks and organize your working sessions any way you like

Within the PomoDoneApp main window, you can choose to start working on any assignment defined in one of the connected management services. What’s more, you get to decide the length both for the work session (5/15/25 minutes) and for the break (5/10/15 minutes).

PomoDoneApp sports both visual and audio alerts that let you know wherever you need to take a break or start working again. You can have a single task active at a time while navigating through your jobs collection or setting up new assignments is quite intuitive.

Time management tool that integrates with task organizing services or team communication solutions

Bottom line, PomoDoneApp brings to the table a beautiful environment where you can both keep track of your tasks, and use the Pomodoro technique to increase your productivity level.

PomoDoneApp can connect to various task management services, allows you to analyze your performance in calendar view, and can send status updates to your Slack team.

Furthermore, you get to launch working sessions or switch to break mode via the status bar, or make any of the timers autostart, which is extremely unobtrusive.

Download PomoDone App for free.


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